Alzheimer’s Service Center
Animal Control
Animal Control
Athletic Division
Auto Tags/Motor Vehicle
Board of Commissioners
Building Inspections/Permits
Central Services – Purchasing
Clayton County
Clayton County International Park
Clayton County Prison
Clerk of Magistrate Court
Clerk of State Court
Clerk of Superior Court
Community Development
County Landfill
District Attorney’s Office
Elections and Registration
Emergency Management
Extension Service-The University of Georgia
Family And Children Services
Finance Department
Fire & Emergency Services
Fleet Maintenance
Harold R. Banke Justice Center
Health Departments
Human Resources 
Information Technology
Insurance & Risk Management
Intake And Probation Office/Juvenile
Job Information Line
Juvenile Court
Koboi Simpson (Administrator Leisure Services)
Library System
Magistrate Court
Mental Health Addictive Diseases & Developmental Disabilities
Nigel Grant (Recreation Administrator)
Office of Communications
Office of Resilience and Sustainability
Parks and Recreation
Parole Office
Probate Court
Probation Office/Adult-Juvenile Court
Probation Office/Adult-State Court
Probation Office/Adult-Superior Court
Refuse Control
Ricardo Newman (Park Administrator)
Risk Management
Road Complaints
Senior Services
Sequellia Logan (Deputy Administrator / Athletics)
Sheriff’s Office
Solicitor General
Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center
Spivey Splash
State Court
Stephanie Berens (Deputy Administrator / Greenspace)
Superior/State Court Administrator
Tag Office
Tax Assessor
Tiffany Moen (Deputy Office Administrator)
Torieon Moses (Payroll Specialist Sr./Administrative Services)
Traffic Engineering
Transportation and Development
Troy Hodges (Director)
Troy Stubbs (Assistant Director)
Voter Registration
Water Authority